Justice Antonin Scalia

I loved Justice Scalia’s wit and sarcasm. Antonin Scalia died this weekend and I will miss him being a part of that very important check on the other two branches of our government. Justice Antonin Scalia was the furthest right-of-center hard-line conservative on the bench. That bench will certainly become more left-leaning regardless of who gets confirmed for the seat.

I have been a fan of the Supreme Court and the drama surrounding its decisions ever since the Robert Bork hearings in 1987. I was very conservative in my younger years and, in spite of the old axiom that most people grow more conservative as they age, I have grown more liberal as I have aged.

We are in a general election year and President Obama is technically a lame duck President at this point in time while we march toward the election to pick his successor in November. However, President Obama has a responsibility to nominate someone to fill the empty seat. Now. Leaving the nomination to his successor would make this election a national referendum of which ideology gets appointed to Scalia’s empty seat. Our role as voting citizens of this country is not to choose Supreme Court justices. Our role is to choose the head of the executive branch, and while that executive still sits in the White House he has a responsibility and accountability to his duties as chief executive.

President Obama was chosen to be President in the last general election and his term does not expire for another eleven months. Any delay in nominating someone to replace Scalia is equivalent to shirking his responsibilities regardless of whether we consider him to be a lame duck.

But all of these words are coming from a 54 year old man who is becoming more liberal as he ages.