Fantasy Football

I have been playing the game for 16 years and I won my Super Bowl once, in 2005. I hate the game and the conflicting interests that inevitably arise during any and all regular season football games. The argument for fantasy football is that it makes even the most mundane games interesting. I will not counter that argument. Aside from watching games on Thanksgiving with my Dad, which I do every year, I would consider turning off the television if neither team was of interest to me.

The argument against fantasy football, specifically my argument, is what happened to me on the last game of our season. The Bengals were playing the Broncos on Monday night. I wanted the Broncos to win but I wanted one particular wide receiver to have a bad game, i.e. – not score or even catch a pass, because my fantasy opponent had that receiver. The receiver scored just enough points for me to lose my playoff game, yet the Broncos won the game. I was not happy when I should have been. My team won and secured a playoff spot for themselves, but I lost money.

I lost money. That is the bottom line for me, and why I told the other members of my league early in the season that this would be my last season of fantasy football. I finished in 4th place, just out of the money.

Prior to the advent of fantasy football I was able to enjoy a meaningless game between two opponents that I had no interest in because I love the game. I can watch any game. They all have incredible athletes displaying amazing physical prowess, feats of strength and agility that I could only dream of accomplishing, especially at my advanced age. I find joy in watching any game.